The average temperature varies between 19ºC in the winter months and 25ºC in the summer months. The average sea water temperature is approximately identical to the above; being that it is influence by the warm Gulf currents.


Time Zone

There is no time difference between mainland Portugal and Madeira. There is always a period in the summer and winter, where clocks are set one hour ahead or behind. Portugal has set this unit of time along with the other groups of islands to the west thus submitting to a one hour difference from the countries of Central Europe.




220 Volts




You will easily find at any hotel, telephone, fax, cable and internet services.



The airport is located at approximately 24km east of Funchal (20 Minute drive).

The current runway was extended to 2800 meters in length and is now known as “The Madeira International Airport”. Porto Santo also has good airport facilities.


The road network and bus services are well developed. It is not difficult to find a taxi and car rental offices.


"Euro" - European Union



Open between 08h30 – 15h30 Monday to Friday



Currency Exchange

In downtown Funchal there are currency exchange kiosks for visitors/travelers that are from outside of the Eurpoean Monetary Union


Credit Cards

Credit cards are accepted in almost every store, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, etc.


Open from 09h00 -13h00 and 15h00-19h00, Saturdays from 09h00-13h00. Shopping Centers are open daily from 10h00 to 22h00.




For good, kind service, a small gratuity is recommended between 5% and 10%.


Funchal has two hospitals. In addition to the two hospitals on the island, in all parishes there are health care centers with doctors and nurses available for any needed medical service.


Health Care Clinics

Clínica da Carreira LDA
Rua Câmara Pestana Nº 24 9000 - Funchal - Madeira Tel.: 291200390 Fax.: 291220112


Post Office

The head post office is located in Funchal, but, there are post offices in all municipalities. Correspondence is collected from mailboxes between 11h00 and 15h00 throughout the island.

Entry Requirements

All EU visitors that enter Portugal must present their country´s citizenship card/identification card. Visitors from outside the EU require a passport or visa (depending on the country of origin). There are no vaccination requirements.

Tourist Hot Spots

  • The old Customs House (Regional Assembly)
    The Bank of Portugal (Banco de Portugal)
    Capela de Santa Catarina (Chapel)
    Capela do Corpo Santo (Chapel)
    Old Post Office
    Fortaleza de São Tiago (Fortress)
    Fortaleza do Pico (Fortress)
    Igreja de São Pedro (Church)
    Igreja do Colégio/São João Evangelista (Church)
    Igreja do Covento de Santa Clara (Church)
    Mercado dos Lavradores (Market Hall)
    Monumento da Autonomia ( Monument in honour of the Autonomy)
    Monumento do Infante (Monument in honour of D.Infante Afonso Henriques)
    Museu da Arte Sacra ( Sacred Art Museum)
    Fotografia Museu Vicentes  (Vicentes Photography Museum)
    Quinta da Vigia (Regional Government Residence)
    Ribeira de Santa Luzia (River)
    Sé Catedral (Cathedral)

    Gebäude & Monumente

  • Adega de S.Francisco ( S.Francisco Wine Cellars)
    Old Customs House – Manueline Period (XVI-XVIII centuries)
    Capela da Encarnação (Chapel) – Manueline Period
    Capela da Nazaré (Chapel) – Manueline Period (XVII century)
    Capela de Santa Catarina (Chapel) – Manueline Period
    Capela de São Paulo (Chapel) – Manueline Period (XIX century)
    Capela do Corpo Santo (Chapel) – Manueline Period (XVI century)
    Casa dos Cônsules (Museum) – Manueline Period (XVIII century)
    Casino da Madeira – Architect Oscar Niemeyer (1978)
    Convento e Igreja de Santa Clara (Convent and Church) (XVI century)
    Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora da Conceição (Fortress) (XVII century)
    Fortaleza de São Tiago (Fortress) (XVIII century)
    Fortaleza do Pico (Fortress) (XVII century)
    Fortaleza e Palácio de S. Lourenço (Fortress and Palace)
    Forte de São João Baptista (Fortress)
    Forte de São Tiago (Fortress)
    Forte do Ilhéu  (Fortress)
    Igreja de São Pedro (Church) (XVII century)
    Igreja de Santa Maria Maior (Socorro or São Tiago) – Manueline period  (Church)
    Igreja do Carmo (Church) (XVII century)
    Igreja do Colégio (São João Evangelista) – Manueline period  (Jesuit Church) (XVII century)
    Mercado dos Lavradores (Market Hall) Architect Edmundo Tavares (1930)
    Paço Episcopal – the current museum of Sacred Art (XVII century)
    Paços do Concelho – (City Hall) (XVIII century)
    Palácio da Justiça – (Palace and Courthouse)
    Palácio da Rua do Esmeraldo (Palace) (XVII-XVIII centuries)
    Palácio da Torre-Bela  (Palace)
    Palácio de São Lourenço  (Palace) (XVII-XVIII centuries)
    Palácio de São Pedro (Palace) (XVIII century)
    Palácio do Ornelas (Palace)
    Reid´s Hotel (XIX century)
    Sé Catedral (Cathedral) – Gothic and Manueline period (XVI period)
    Teatro Municipal (Municipal Theatre)

    Town Squares, Parks & Gardens

  • Avenida do Mar (Avenue)
    Jardim António Nobre (Garden)
    Jardim do Hospício Princesa D.Amélia (Garden)
    Jardim Municipal (Garden)
    Largo do Chafariz (Town Square)
    Largo do Município (Town Square)
    Largo do Pelorinho (Town Square)
    Parque de Santa Catarina (City Park)
    Quinta das Cruzes (Estate)
    Quinta do Palheiro Ferreiro (Estate)
    Quinta Magnólia (Estate)
    Sé (Cathedral)
    Quinta da Boa Vista (Estate)
    Botanical Gardens
    Quinta do Bom Sucesso (Estate)
    Jardim Orquidea (Garden)

    Sports Clubs

    • Clube Desportivo Nacional
    • Clube Sport Marítimo
    • Clube de Futebol União
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