Ponta São Lourenço
Ponta São Lourenço

Where exactly is Madeira Island?

Just ask your friend and wait anxiously for answers...

Madeira Island, geographically speaking, belongs to Africa, but politically speaking, belong to Portugal.

Since 1976 Madeira became known as the Região Autónoma da Madeira, Autonomous Region of Madeira.

Madeira is located about 1000 km from Lisbon and and 500km from Africa and is at the same level as Casablanca, Morocco.


The archipelago consists of the following islands:

  • Madeira Island
  • Porto Santo Island (approximately 42km from Madeira)
  • The Desertas Islands (uninhabited islands and nature reserves)
  • The Selvagens Islands ((uninhabited islands and nature reserves)
    The Canary Islands are a neighbouring archipelago also volcanic in origin that are located about 400km from Madeira Island.

Madeira Island occupies an area of ​​741 square kilometers, about 57 km long and 22 km wide.

The population of Madeira Island is of approximately 280,000 people, half of which live in the capital city of Funchal.



Ponta do Pargo
Ponta do Pargo

Sea and Mountain ...

The harmony between Madeira Island´s coast and mountains is truly spectacular!

Access from the coastlines to the mountains is easy and fast.

The highest point in the island is Pico Ruivo with 1862 meters.

The interior of the island presents itself with a mountainous landscape, consisting of green deep picturesque valleys.

The coastline is composed of cliffs and/or many rocky pebble beaches, many of volcanic origin.


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