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Autonomous Region of Madeira

Since 1976, Madeira is considered as an autonomous region consisting of a democratic government.

All the political administration pertaining to the region is centralized in the capital of the island, Funchal.

The island is divided into 11 "concelhos" (counties), which include the island of Porto Santo. A total of 54 parishes where established within these 11 counties, each with their own chairman.


The Government...

Alberto João Jardim, (04/02/1943, professor, lawyer, journalist and Portuguese politician) the leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) in Madeira Island, has been named Regional President in 1978 and has since remained in leadership, winning election after election.

Although autonomous, Madeira Island´s government and parliament is supervised by the government in Lisbon, however, the government in Lisbon has no direct influence on the economic policy, taxes and duties of the island.


EU Funding...

Portugal joined the EEC in 1986. Through the intruduction of a single European market in 1993, Madeira received some funding from the EU fund. Above all, this allowed for the development of the island in many areas such as transportation and in infrastructures thus promoting the development of tourism.

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