Boat Tours in Madeira

Boat Tour

Madeira's coast is simply unique and a boat tour while on vacation in Madeira is an absolute must. Either to take part in one of the whale and dolphin watching trips, to explore the island from the sea, to swim and snorkel from a boat or to experience a wonderful sunset on a sea gel boat.



There are a number of boat trip providers on Madeira. Pick the right tour for you: A coastal trip on a modern catamaran, whale and dolphin watching on a traditional fishing boat, a pirate trip on the Santa Maria, sunset on a sailing boat, ...

Whale- and Dolphinwatching

Whales and dolphins

To experience whales and dolphins in their natural habitat - on Madeira this is possible all year round.

Following boats are offering tours:

From Funchal:

Magic Dolphin (catamaran): daily, € 35,-/person

Bonita da Madeira (sailing boat): Thursday & Sunday, € 35,-/person

Sea Safari (speed boat): daily, € 50,-/person

From Calheta:

Ribeira Brava (trad. fishing boat): daily, € 45,-/person 

Pampero (speed boat): € 50,-/person



Santa Maria de Columbo

Sail like Columbus

Set off to sea with the Caravella "Santa Maria". A replica of one of the flagships from Columbus times. During the trip, the crew, dressed as pirates, will offer you Madeira wine and honey cake to try for free! With a little luck you can watch whales and dolphins. There is a swim stop on the coast in summer.

Daily at 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. from the port / Funchal

Price: 40,- €

Children 4-12 years: 20,- € 






Desertas-Tour Madeira

Bonita da Madeira

This boat tour takes you to the deserted archipelago of the Desertas. The island is located approx. 25km from Madeira and is under nature protection, as it is home to the rare monk seal. After a guided tour of the largest Desertas Island, lunch is on board and it's time to go swimming in the sea.

Price: € 85,-

Children 5-12 years: € 42,50



Beautiful Bays

Küstentour Madeira

Margarita Sunset

This trip takes the Magarita Sunset from Funchal along the south coast to the eastern tip of Madeira. The caravel anchors in the Baia d´Abra bay and you enjoy your lunch on board and have time to swim and dive in the Atlantic.

Tuesday & Sunday, 10:00h - 15:00h

Price: € 55,-

Children 5 - 12 years: € 27,50



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