Feel free and at one with nature…

Canyoning, one of Madeira´s newest cultural jems,  is a radical sport that has been around since the 70´s but has only been in practice on the Island since 1989. This practice was introduced to Madeira by a group of Frenchmen leaded by a gentleman by the name of Frederic Feu.

This amazing sport´s popularity is growing faster by the day and is perfect for those who are looking to add a touch of adventure to their holiday. Canyoning is a fantastic way to discover, explore and experience Madeira´s nature, descending rivers and canyons that consist of many obstacles while using various techniques and equipments. To date there are approximately 80 canyons, two of which in Ribeiro Frio and Ribeira das Cales.

Canyoning although extreme, is a safe sport and great for those who love mountain hiking, trekking and rock climbing. It is also a magnificent way to relieve your day to day stresses. 

You can choose between 3 different level:


Level 1: This level is possible for everybody.

  • Abseiling: 5-10x
  • Highest waterfall: 13-20m
  • Price: € 60,-/person


Level 2:  You should be a bit sporty 

  • Abseiling: 5-15x
  • Highest waterfall: 25-55m
  • Price: € 80,-/person


Level 3:  You need very good conditions and should already have experiences in canyoning

  • Abseiling: 10-30x
  • Highest waterfall: 80m
  • Price: € 120,-/person



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