Big Game Fishing

Madeira is one of the top 10 regions in the world for catching a marlin of oversized dimensions. This is also confirmed by the two World Championship titles in 2015 and 2016 at the Blue Marlin World Cup Championship. In 2016, a Blue Marlin weighing just under 450 kg was caught.

Madeira has a huge biodiversity that will delight any fishing enthusiast. Among the most popular in deep-sea fishing is of course the Blue Marlin, followed by Bigeye Tuna (bigeye tuna), other types of swordfish (White Marlin), Dorado (also called Mahi-Mahi or Dolphinfish) and other tuna species such as the yellowfin tuna or albacore tuna. Even these small tunas can reach a length of almost a meter, and weigh several hundred kilograms. They are also very active and can cover more than 160 kilometers per day at a top speed of 65 kilometers per hour.

The main season for big game fishing is from the beginning of May to October, but even outside of these months you can record very good fishing success.


In addition, you should know that especially with the Blue Marlin and White Marlin "catch and release" applies. This means that the fish is usually released as soon as possible, as the hook only causes minimal injury and thus the fish can survive.On the photo you can see which power is still in the White Marlin when releasing.


Charter (from Calheta, max. 4 people):

Half-day (4 hours): € 450,- (including soft drinks)

Full day (8 hours): € 850,- (including soft drinks and snacks)

Shared charter (from Funchal, max. 6 fischermen):

Half-day (4 hours): fisherman: € 175,-, watcher: € 40,- (including soft drinks)

Full day (7 hours): fisherman: € 235,-, watcher: € 60,- (including soft drinks and snacks)

Sport Fishing

Enjoy an exciting day on Madeira while fishing. From aboard a boat you can fish in the species-rich waters in the southwest of the island. A fascinating nature experience for both passionate anglers and newbies in the field of fishing.

Important to us in this sport is the respect for the creature to be captured. The caught fish can of course also be prepared later and thus ensure a meal with the freshest fish that you can get on Madeira.

The boat, a Marlin 22 Sport Open with 150 hp engine, lays down in the port of Calheta.

The rides are daily from 08: 00-13: 00.

A charter of the boat is possible on request.


Price for 1 or 2 persons: € 150,-/person

Price from 3 persons: € 100,-/person


Spearfishing is a traditional underwater hunt. In this special type of fishing, the fish is caught specifically, so it is a particularly sustainable and resource-saving hunting. You glide through the water and search your surroundings for your next destination. The waters around Madeira are due to the rich selection and biodiversity excellent for this sport. After the tour you will enjoy your catch - it could not be fresher.

The spearfishing tours are conducted daily from Calheta. Then it goes by boat along the west coast past Jardim do Mar, Paul do Mar and Ponta do Pargo to Porto Moniz. Spearfishing stops at the most fish-rich spots.

Included in the price are wetsuit, fins, snorkel gear, harpoon and the guidance and assistance of experienced underwater hunters.


3,5 hours

Price for a single person: € 125, -

Price from 2 persons: € 100, - / person 

6 hours

Price for a single person: € 180, -

Price from 2 persons: € 150, - / person

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