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Explore Madeira by Motorcycle

Anyone who has ever driven on the well-built serpentine shaped roads that hug imposing mountains and verdant landscapes in Madeira Island, has most likely visited again.

The mountainous island with its many convoluted and picturesque streets, tunnels, coastal roads and mountain passes, makes driving on this volcanic island a memorable experience.

Madeira – A motorcyclist´s dream come true.

Explore Madeira by Scooter

For those who prefer to slow down or do not have a motorcycle license, we offer the possibility to explore the island on a scooter. Our manoeuvrable bikes also take you to more remote places on the island.

The scooters are Peugeot Tweet 125cc with low mileage. The scooters are in perfect condition and guarantee you the safety on the streets of Madeira.

For the rental no deposit is required, the rent includes a liability insurance, unlimited mileage, a helmet, 24-h travelling assistance and all applicable taxes.

A second helmet can be borrowed for € 5, -.

Rental from Funchal.

Prices for the Scooter:


4 Hours

25,- Euro

1 Day

32,- Euro

2 Days

58,- Euro

3 Days

75,- Euro

4 Days 

100,- Euro

5 Days 

125,- Euro

6 Days 

150,- Euro

7 Days 

175,- Euro

10 Days 

232,- Euro

14 Days 

321,- Euro



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