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Ride your bike through the mountains ...

Madeira is the ideal place for anyone interested in mountain biking. The mountainous landscape with gradients of more than 17% or tours on the plateau on more than 1000 meters of altitude demand fitness and strength. A challenge for the trained.

Tours along the levadas or downhill are also a great way for beginners and untrained mountain bikers to explore the island's beauty by bike. In the meantime suitable E-Bikes and E-Bike Fullys (Mounain E-Bikes) are available for this.

Mountain or e-bike tours

Explore the island on a mountain or e-bike. Our tours have something for everyone: simple tours for the "leisurely cyclist" as well as demanding tours for the MTB professional. You can choose between Fullys, E-Bikes and E-Bike Fullys.

Including guide, bike, helmet, drinking bottle

Free transfer from Funchal and Caniço

Full day tour: 65,00 Euro per person

Full day Tour E-Bike: 75,00 Euro per person  



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The package with 3 tours

Would you like to explore the island by mountain bike? Then on the plateau of Paul da Serra you can enjoy the view, discover the nature through eucalyptus and laurel forests on unpaved roads or biking along the levadas. Make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Including guide, bike, helmet, drinking bottle

Free transfer from Funchal and Caniço

3 day tours with the Fully: 180,00 Euro per person

3 day trips with the e-bike: 210.00 Euro per person  

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                                            Our Tours:

Portela - Easy Tour

Route 1: Vale Paraiso - Portela - Machico

The tour starts in Vale Paraiso. From here it goes along the Levada Serra do Faial under laurel and eucalyptus trees to Portela. On forest and small side roads, we continue to Machico, where the beautiful sandy beach and the clear Atlantic Ocean invites you to a refreshing bath.



  • Distance: 35km
  • Duration: +/- 3h
  • Increase: 0m
  • Descent: 645m
  • Off-road:%
  • On Road:%
  • Technology: +
  • Condition: +


Route 2: Camacha - Câmara de Lobos - Funchal

The start of the journey is in Camacha. Along the Levada da Serra do Faial, one of the longest Levadas of the island, it goes up to Monte. Past beautiful gardens and through the old town of Funchal we continue to the picturesque fishing village of Câmara de Lobos. After a sharp climb in Funchal, it goes to Caniço de Baixo.


  • Distance: 52km
  • Duration: +/- 4h
  • Climb: 897m
  • Descent: 897m
  • Off-road: 13%
  • On Road: 83%
  • Technology: +
  • Condition: ++


Route 3: Portela - Camacha - Caniço de Baixo

Start of the tour is at 490m altitude at Portela. From here it goes in short, steep sections both as single trail and as Levadaweg up and down through laurel and eucalyptus forests. With a quick descent, it goes to the basketwork town Camacha and further downhill to Caniço de Baixo.


  • Distance: 50km 
  • Duration: +/- 4h
  • Climb: 779m
  • Descent: 1,137m
  • Off-road: 70%
  • On Road: 30%
  • Technique: ++
  • Condition: +++

São Jorge

Route 4: São Jorge - Arco de São Jorge

The tour starts at Achada do Felpa. On forest and forest roads we cycle under eucalyptus and laurel trees to 837m altitude. From here you have a great view of the mountains of Madeira and the coast. End of the tour is in São Jorge by the sea.


  • Distance: 28km
  • Duration: +/- 4h
  • Ascent: 632m
  • Descent: 1,081m
  • Off-road: 75%
  • On Road: 25%
  • Technique: ++
  • Condition: +++ 

Paul da Serra-Ribeira da Janela

Route 5: Paul da Serra - Rabaçal - Jardim do Mar

Start is on the plateau Paul da Serra. Here you can expect spectacular views, barren landscapes and the beautiful high moor. Under centuries-old laurel trees, it goes through to the rapid descent to Ribeira da Janela.


  • Distance: 43km
  • Duration: +/- 4h
  • Climb: 605m
  • Descent: 1,738m
  • Off-road: 55%
  • On Road: 45%
  • Technique: ++
  • Condition: +++

Pico Arieiro

Route 6: Poiso - Pico Arieiro - Caniço de Baixo

We start the tour at the "Abrigo do Pastor" in Poiso. From there it goes steadily uphill through the ecological park to the Pico Arieiro, with its 1,818 m third highest summit of the island. Here we enjoy fantastic views of the mountains of Madeira before descending downhill, downhill and levada trails to Caniço de Baixo.


  • Distance: 45km
  • Duration: +/- 4h
  • Rise: 1.008m
  • Descent: 2.003m
  • Off-road: 39%
  • On Road: 61%
  • Technique: +++
  • Condition: ++++ 

Chão dos Terreiros - Trompicas

Route 7: Quinta Grande - Fontes - Jardim da Serra - Cabo Girão - Câmara de Lobos

From Quinta Grande we cycle through Terreiros, Lugar de Serra and Fontes, before starting the difficult ascent to "Chão dos Terreiros" (1.436m). From here you have fantastic views. Continue towards Boca da Corrida, past Jardim da Serra and Cabo Girão to Câmara de Lobos.


  • Distance: 39km
  • Duration: +/- 4h
  • Rise: 1.265m
  • Descent: 1.899m
  • Off-road: 61%
  • On Road: 39%
  • Technique: ++++
  • Condition: +++++

Chão da Lagoa

Route 8: Terreira da Luta - Chao da Lagoa - Caniço de Baixo

We start the tour in Terreira da Luta with beautiful views of the sea and Funchal. Steadily uphill it goes on trails to the "Montado do Pereiro" and through the "Parque Ecologico do Funchal" to the plateau of "Chão da Lagoa". A technical challenge is the route to the "Pico do Suno". Along the "Levada da Serra do Faial" and after a rapid descent we reach Caniço de Baixo.


  • Distance: 45km
  • Duration: +/- 5h
  • Rise: 1,171m
  • Descent: 1.915m
  • Off-road: 80%
  • On Road: 20%
  • Technique: ++++
  • Condition: +++++
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