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Casa das Mudas Art Centre

The "Contemporary" side of Madeira Island

The Casa das Mudas Art Centre is an internationally awarded structure whose architecture integrates perfectly with the surrounding environment, proving that modern architecture does have its place in Madeira Island. Owning spectacular views of the ocean and surrounding mountains, this structure (located in Calheta) is composed of an art gallery, library, auditorium, cafeteria, gift shop, outdoor and indoor areas for cultural events, area for art workshops and an underground parking lot(capacity for 92 cars).

Known also as a cultural centre, Casa das Mudas´s main goal is to represent, educate and raise public awareness of the value and importance of art and culture in Madeira Island through theatre, workshops, art exhibitions and much more.

For further information on Casa das Mudas please visit : http://www.sociedadesdedesenvolvimento.com/centro-das-artes.html

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