Museum of Sacred Art
Museum of Sacred Art

Museu de Arte Sacra – The Museum of Sacred Art

The Museum of Sacred Art is located at the former Bishop's Palace and was founded in 1955. This building is home to an important collection of Portuguese paintings from the 15th – 18th Century and Flemish paintings from the 15th to 16th Century, which came thanks to the sugar trade on the island. Also on display are pictures of saints from the same era as well as historic church decorations.

Address: Rua do Bispo, 21 - 9000-073 Funchal

Opening times:
Tuesday - Saturday: 10H00 – 12H30 and 14H30 – 18H00
Sunday: 10H00 – 13H00 (closed on Mondays and holidays)

Tel: 291228900  Fax: 291231341


Wine Museum
Wine Museum

Museu do Vinho – The Wine Museum

The Instituto do Vinho (Wine Institute) in Madeira is home to the Wine Museum, The Museu Do Vinho. Here visitors may view many illustrations, photographs about the history of Madeira´s wine. Here you may also learn about the cycles of cultivation, production, storage and exportation of the wine.



Address: Rua 5 de Outubro 78 - 9000-079 FUNCHAL

Opening times:
Monday-Friday: 9H00 – 18H00

Tel: 291204600 Fax: 291228685

Website: /ivm

The Madeira Story Centre

Explore Madeira through History…

Forget the old, dusty, “do not touch” museums, Madeira Story Centre sparks interest in all its visitors. Once an old movie theatre in old town Funchal, the Madeira story Centre is a modern, interactive museum that allows you to learn more about the archipelago of Madeira through looking, touching and hearing.

Time travel through the centuries…

The Madeira Story Centre will take you on a journey through the great historical events in Madeira, from the volcanic formation to the days of Dom Henriques, the first landing of a sea plane, Napoleon and Churchill.

More Attractions…

On the terrace, you make look through telescopes and witness a great panoramic view of Funchal city. If a break is in order, visit the themed café. Looking for souvenirs? The souvenir shop has many great souvenirs!

Francisco and Henrique Franco Museum
Francisco and Henrique Franco Museum

Museu Henrique e Francisco Franco-Museum of Henrique & Francisco Franco

In the two rooms behind the temple-like entrance is small selection of landscape paintings and sculptures. The museum is devoted to two artist brothers, who are from Madeira. Francisco Franco (1885 - 1955) was a sculptor and was strongly influenced by Rodin and Picasso s. Francisco´s artwork include: the pilot monument at the port of Funchal (in remembrance of the maiden flight of Madeira - Lisbon, 03/22/1921), an angel statue and a torso in the Sao Martinho cemetery, and the large monument (which is located at the intersection of Av Zarco / Av Arriga..) of the island´s explorer João Gonçalves Zarco. From older brother Henrique (1883 - 1961) there are many paintings of the Madeiran landscape.

Address: Rua João de Deus, n º 13 - 9050-027 Funchal

Opening times:
Monday-Friday: 10H00-12H30 and 14H00-18H00(Closed on holidays)

Tel: 291 230 633 Fax: 291 236 711

Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History

Museu Municipal – The Museum of Natural History

The Museu Municipal (Museum of Natural History) is one of the oldest museums on the island located at the Palace of Saint Pedro.

This museum is devoted to the flora and geology of the island. An aquarium displaying seaweed, shells, coral and many species of fish provide insights of Madeira´s marine world. “There are currently exposed, 78 fish species, 247 birds, 14 land mammals and marine reptiles 3, 152 insects and other invertebrates, and a representative collection of rocks and minerals of the archipelago, as well as marine fossils Port Ghost. The study collections of the Museum currently reach more than 37,500 copies.” (

Address: Rua da Mouraria n. º 31 9004-546 Funchal

Opening times:Tuesday-Friday 10H00-18H00
Saturday, Sunday and holidays 12H00-18H00

Tel: 291229761 Fax: 291225180


City of Sugar Museum
City of Sugar Museum

Núcleo Museológico da Cidade do Açúcar- City of Sugar Museum

The former residence of Flemish sugar baron João Esmeraldo is now Funchal´s “City of Sugar Museum”.

The history of the rise and fall of the sugar trade and how important the cultivation of sugar cane was for Funchal´s economy is told through engravings, paintings and documents from the sugar trade era.



Address: Praça do Colombo, 5 - Funchal

Opening times: Monday-Friday 10.00H-12H30 and 14H00-18H00

Tel: 291 23 69 10

E-mail: cm @ museu.acucar


Núcleo Museológico I.B.T.A.M – The Instituite of embroidery, tapestry and handicrafts of Madeira Museum Centre

Precious embroideries, tapestries and handicrafts from Madeira Island are on display for visitors to see. In the embroidery museum, beautiful typical hand embroidery is shown in furniture and costumes.



Address: Rua Visconde de Anadia 44 - 9050-020 FUNCHAL

Opening times: Monday-Friday: 10.00H-12H30 and 14H00-17H30

Tel: 291223141  Fax: 291223413


Vicente Photography Museum
Vicente Photography Museum

Museu Fotografia "Vicente" - "Vicente" Photography Museum

Back in 1848, The Vicente Gomes da Silva Photography Studio was the first of its kind to open in Madeira Island.
Here in Madeira for the first time in 1848 a photography studio of Vicente Gomes da Silva opened. The history of photography in Funchal is told by the original restored studio cameras, furniture and an archive of 380,000 negatives. The photo studio lasted four generations, passing on the art of photography.


Address:Rua da Carreira, 43 - Funchal

Opening times:
Monday-Friday: 10H00-12H30 and 14.00H-17H00

Tel: 291 22 50 50 Fax: 291 22 87 24

E-mail: photographia.vicentes.drac.srec @

Universe of Memories J.C. Abreu
Universe of Memories J.C. Abreu

Universo de Memórias J.C. Abreu –  A Universe of Memories J.C.Abreu

A collection of Art, jewelry and crafts from around the world  that once was owned by the Tourism and Culture Secretary of Madeira.


Address: Calçada do Pico n. º 29000-206 São Pedro / Funchal

Opening times: Tuesday-Saturday: 10H00 – 17H00 (only 1 hour guided tour)

Tel/ Fax: 291225122


Museum of Enthnography
Museum of Enthnography

Museu Etnografico da Madeira -  Museum of the Ethnography of Madeira

This Ethnographic Museum is located in Ribeira Brava in a mansion built in 15th Century, which originally belonged to the monastery of Santa Clara. In a stylish setting, ancient crafts, transportation methods, cultivation and harvesting techniques of the island are documented. In addition, a permanent exhibition informs visitors on fishing activities and the traditional lifestyle. In a small souvenir shop you can buy beautiful weavings that were made at the museum. Part of the museum serves as a gallery with current exhibitions of contemporary art.


Address: Rua de São Francisco n º 24 9350-211 Ribeira Brava

Opening times:
Tuesday-Sunday: 10H00-12.H30 and 14H00-18H00 (closed holidays)

Tel: 291 952598  Fax. 291 957313


Columbus House
Columbus House

Museu Casa Colombo – Columbus House Museum

Christopher Columbus lived for several years alongside his wife Filipa Moniz Perestrelo on the island of Porto Santo. During this time he has worked intensively on a sea route to South and East Asia.

The Colubus Museum opened in 1989 and displays exhibits on the waterways and history of the island of Porto Santo. Pieces that recount the life and work of this great discoverer  such as nautical charts, ship models, logbooks and portraits are on display. The collection is divided between two buildings.

Address: Travessa da Sacristia, n ° 2-4, 9400-176 Porto Santo

Opening times:
Tuesday-Saturday: 10H00 to 12H30 and 14H00-17H30 (July-Sept. to 19H00) Sunday :10H00-13H00

Tel: 291983405 Fax:. 291 983840



Whale Museum
Whale Museum

Museu da Baleia - The Whale Museum

Prior to being banned in 1981, Caniçal was the core of a very successful whaling industry. A museum was built at the former whaling head office location at the town centre that displays memorabilia from the whale hunting days. This museum was given the name of “Museu da Baleia” (Whale Museum). Multimedia presentations on whaling, photographs, ship models and a half-model of a young whale are just some of the things one display that visitors may see. Here you can admire the difference in size between a whale and a fishing boat.  Some items carved by whale teeth are also on display.


Address:Largo Manuel Alves 9200-032 Caniçal

Opening times:
Tue-Sun: 10H00 – 12H00 and 13H00 – 18H00

Tel: 00351/291 961 407  Fax: 00351/291 961 859



Horacio Bento de Gouveia Museum
Horacio Bento de Gouveia Museum

Casa Museu Horácio Bento de Gouveia – The Horacio Bento de Gouveia House Museum

On the north side of the island in the small village of Ponta Delgada, a local writer by the name of Horácio Bento de Gouveia was born (1901-1983). The museum is located in the writer residence, a mansion located on the main street which has since remained in family ownership. In this house is the private library of Horacio Bento de Gouveira displaying his private work on subjects such as sugar cane farming and wine. The house is definitely worth seeing for it´s rustic architecture and will give you a quick insight on the living conditions of the big landowners in Madeira.


Address: Sítio dos Terços, Vila de Ponta Delgada

(Visits by appointment)
Tel: 00351 / 291 862 332

Museu da Quinta das Cruzes - Quinta das Cruzes Museum

Quinta das Cruzes is comprised by an old manor house, garden and chapel. In its garden you will encounter a vast collection of endemic and exotic plant species such as orchids, camphor trees, Australian eucalyptus and palm trees.  Two Manueline design basalt carved windows dating back to the 16th may also be found in this beautiful garden.

The museum, a baroque-style manor residence, is home to an exhibit of mainly decorative arts dating back to the 17th to 19th centuries such as:

  • Portuguese and foreign furniture from the 16th to 19 Century
  • Indian and European porcelain
  • Portuguese pottery from the 17th to 19 Century
  • Artwork by European artists from Portuguese-Indian ivory era
  • Flemish and Portuguese sculpture from the 15th to 18 Century
  • Nativity scenes from the 18th and 19 Century
  • Paintings and engravings from the 16th to 19 Century


Address: Calçada do Pico 1 - Funchal

Opening times: Tue-Sat 10H00 – 12H30 and 14H00 – 17H30
Sunday 10H00 – 13H00 clock
(Closed Mondays and holidays)

Tel: 291 740670

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