Carnival in Madeira

Karneval auf Madeira

Carnival is a popular annual week-long event that is celebrated in Madeira Island. During this time of the year, the streets of Funchal explode in colour, sound, imagination and creativity.

On the Saturday, numerous joyful and colourful groups with original costumes get together to dance and smile in the great allegoric parade. Each year this parade is assigned an original overall theme. The mood is reminiscent of the carnival in Rio. On Shrove Tuesday, locals get together to participate in the ever so fun fools parade, surely something not to miss out on!

Carnival Festivities 
  • 07.02.-18.02.2024 (Great Allegoric Parade: 10.02.2024)

Grandstand Seats

During the big carnival parade on Saturday evening, several grandstands will be set up along the streets from which to enjoy the best view of the parade and avoid standing for a long time.

You can book these tickets for the Carnival Parade on Madeira directly with us.

Price: € 30,-

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