Shopping in Madeira Island

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Madeira Island is a great place for shopping and the city of Funchal has various commercial spaces that adhere to many fashion tastes. If you are on holiday, enjoy these spaces to get your holiday shopping done. You´ll encounter traditional shops, modern shops decorated according to fashion trends and season. Along the streets you will find a wide variety of jewelry, footwear and ready-to-wear stores. Across the island there are countless souvenir shops, but it is at the centre of Funcha where the majority of these shops are concentrated. Shopping centres….

Take a pleasant walk around Funchal and discover the many traditional small stores, each with their own decorative style. Immerse yourself in Madeira Island´s charm and discover old streets, window watch, go to a small café or to a cozy restaurant.

You can buy a little of everything. Madeira Island is an island rich in arts and crafts ranging from wicker to embroidery and even the famous Madeira Wine. Never be afraid to enter an establishment as venders are friendly people welcoming you to visit even if you do not wish to buy anything.

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