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Wellness & Spa

The Madeira Islands...

...a perfect wellness & spa destination...

Feeling stressed with your normal day to day life? The Madeira Islands are the perfect spa destination for those who seek a little pampering, extreme relaxation, healthy gastronomy or fitness. Health and wellness tourism is becoming more popular by the day as many travelers now want more than the typical beach/hotel vacation.

Madeira Island due to its year round mild climate and lush green environment may as well be considered a floating garden spa.


From its mountain´s fresh air, the deep blue unpolluted ocean with its seaweed and plant extracts, the sunshine to its beautiful colourful aromatic flowers, you will encounter plenty of fitness and spa options that are sure to relax your body, mind and spirit.

Porto Santo Island has its own unique spa treatments that include sea water and the islands own golden sand which has been proven to have healing properties.

Located at a short travel distance and with direct flights from most European countries, Madeira Island will make you feel so relaxed that a one week vacation will feel like you have been resting for a month!

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