Madeira´s Nature

If you do not fancy hotel spa´s and desire to feel the power of Madeira´s surrounding nature, then there are plenty of activities to take part in.

Levada Walking


Once used mainly for irrigation purposes, levadas are water channels that stretch from north to south and across Madeira Island. Levadas provide an in-depth indescribable view of Madeira´s interior and untouched nature. The aromatic air of the laurel forest (Laurissilva) will relax and free your body and mind.

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Mountain Trekking


For those who enjoy mountain trekking, then, Madeira Island is the perfect destination choice.

Thanks to the excellent climatic conditions, hiking is an activity that may be done all year round. During the hot summer months of July and August, the mountains are at their best, contrasting beautifully with the bright blue sky. Due to its mountainous landscape there are numerous hiking options that will suit those looking for an easy level of trekking all the way to those who are into more challenging hikes.

Further information on Mountain hiking.

The "Barefoot" walking trail

A unique experience that will enlighten your senses.

There is nothing quite similar on the island that one can compare with the barefoot trail at the Hotel Jardim do Atlantico.

This path was created to bring to people something unique and innovative that could be integrated with the local nature.

The path is approximately 800 meters in length and consists of various natural elements from the archipelago such as:

  • Pine cones
  • Eucalyptus Acorns
  • Beach Pebbles
  • Bay Leaves
  • Black Sand from Porto Santo
  • Golden Sand from Porto Santo
  • Gravel
  • Mud
  • Water

These elements are proven as a natural type of reflexology providing a sense of well-being and beneficial to one´s overall health.

Swimming and Diving

Swimming in Madeira Island is possible at anytime due to the year round warm and unpolluted ocean waters.

On the island there are many beaches and natural swimming pools to choose from.

Sea water is great to treat nourish skin, rheumatism and for general rehabilitation.

For those who wish to get in touch with Madeira´s sea life, there are many options that will make this experience a relaxing one such as diving and swimming with the dolphins.

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