Botanical Garden - Jardim Botânico

Splashes of Colour and Scents that will take your breath away!

Botanischer Garten

Located at about three miles above the town center of Funchal, this park was inaugurated in 1960 on the grounds of Quinta do Bom Sucesso, previously owned by the Reid´s family.

The “Jardim Botânico” (Botanical Gardens) in Funchal displays over two thousand exotic plants both endemic and from all over the world such as Orchids, Magnolias, Azaleas, Palms, Ferns and Cacti. Although a botanical garden is a beautiful place that exposes colour and fragrance, it is also a place of science and culture.

Throughout the garden, visitors will find plants that are identified by their scientific and common names, family and place of origin.


Botanischer Garten

Within the “Jardim Botânico” there is a small Natural History Museum displaying collections of birds, fossils, rocks, minerals, animals, invertebrates and other vertebrates, an Amphitheatre, Louro Bird Park, a terrace café and a belvedere which shows off a fantastic view of Funchal.

Bright Feathers, Tropical Sounds, Very Exotic...

Louro Bird Park is located inside the “Jardim Botânico”. Upon entering, you are greeted with the shrill tones of a parrot. Here you can view some of the most exotic and rarest birds from around the world, such as the Loricos and Cockatoos from the Asian tropical islands, Australian parakeets, dwarf parrots and many other bird species.

Entry tickets allow access to the gardens, the Natural History Museum, Louro Bird Park and the temporary exhibits.

Vistor information:

Park opens at 09h00 and closed at 18h00 (last tickets sold at 17h30)

Estimated time for a visit: 2 hours

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