The Cable Cars

Visiting Funchal? Then come and take a ride on either the Monte or Botanical Gardens cable cars! Both rides offer unforgettable mesmerizing views of the city and surrounding nature.

Monte Cable Car

The Monte Cable Car stations are located in old town Funchal at the Campo Almirante Reis and in Monte. It´s gondola holds 39 cabins with a maximum capacity of 7 passengers. On the ride up to Monte, enjoy the amazing view of Funchal bay and surrounding landscape. Upon exiting the Monte station a souvenir photo will be available for you. At the station there is a snack bar and handicraft shop.

Instead of riding the cable car down to Funchal, why not use another one of Monte´s attractions as an alternative? Take a thrill ride down to Funchal on a “Carro do Monte", which is a traditional toboggan ride on a wicker sled with wooden runners driven by two carreiros (men dressed in white with straw hats). The ride however ends in the suburb of Livramento, but it is definitely worth the experience. Taxi cabs and buses are available in Livramento.

Botanical Garden Cable Car

Covering more than 1,600 meters at 220 meters high, the Botanical Gardens cable car (total 12 cabins, maximum 8 passengers each) starts off at the “Quinta do Bom Sucesso” and ends at the Monte Station. This ride offers you a stunning view over Funchal Bay and Valley of Ribeira de João Gomes.

At the Botanical Gardens main station, one can visit one if the island´s most popular venue, the Botanical Gardens, but please note that the cost of entry to the Botanical Gardens is not included in the cable car rate. Tickets must be purchased at the venue. Both stations have snack bars which possess amazing panoramic views of Funchal bay and its surrounding areas. Gift Shops are also available at both Stations.

Monte Cable Car Facts:

  • Travels safely between the Campo de Almirante Reis station and Monte Station
  • 39 cabins with a capacity for 8 passengers
  • A one-way trip is about 3,700 meters and takes approximately 15 minutes
  • Stunning views of Funchal
  • Many surrounding attractions to visit
  • Snack Bar available
  • Gift Shops available

Botanical Garden Cable Car Facts:

  • Travels safely between the Quinta do Bom Sucesso and Monte Station
  • 12 cabins with a capacity for 8 passengers
  • A one-way trip is about 1,600 meters and takes approximately 9 minutes
  • Magnificent views over the Ribeira de João Gomes Valley, Botanical Gardens and Funchal Bay
  • Many surrounding attractions including the most visited venue, the Botanical Gardens
  • Snack Bar available
  • Gift Shops available

Monte Cable Car Visitor Information:

Tel: 291 780 280 and Fax: 291 780281

Open daily from 09h30 to 17h45

E-mail: info(at)

Botanical Gardens Cable Car Visitor Information:

Tel: 291 210 290

Open daily from 9:30 am to 17H30

E-mail: info(at)

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