Santana Theme Park

Discover, Play and Learn about Madeira´s History...

There is something for everyone at the Santana Theme Park, on the north side of Madeira Island in the town of Santana. In Santana you will find it very common to see their typical “casas de Santana” which are small thatched houses. Attractions are abundant in this town of great rural beauty, but since 2004, the “Parque temático de Santana” (Santana Theme Park) is its main attraction.

Casa o Colmo

This huge park houses many attractions, including four multimedia presentations on the island, each with its own theme.

Another popular attraction, even among the locals who visit the park, are the larger than life typical icons from Madeira Island, where one can definitely take some great pictures!

Santana Theme Park will show you how the locals used to do their crafts and how they presently preserve these arts. Such crafts include weaving, pottery, carpentry and more.


Younger visitors may frolic on the playground or put to these their sense of orientation at the park´s own maze.

Fancy a break? No problem! The park has a large self service restaurant.

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