The São Vicente Caves

Discover Madeira from the inside out!

Formed by a volcanic eruption 890 years ago, the “Grutas de São Vicente” (São Vicente Caves) are a way to explore Madeira Island from the inside out! Discovered in 1885 by locals these caves were kept away from public viewing up until October 1996 and are now known as the first volcanically-born caves opened to the public in Portugal.

The “Grutas de São Vicente” is the largest cave system in Madeira that offers an exciting hiking experience through a set of eight “volcanic tunnels” which exhibits crystal clear small lakes, volcanic stalactites and interesting volcanic patterns, all specially illuminated by architectural lighting and with tasteful music in the background.

In addition to the caves exists the Volcanism Centre, a small museum designed to complement the visit to the caves and to educate visitors through audiovisual and 3D shows on the geological formation of Madeira Island. The visit to the Volcanism Centre ends with a view of the large garden of endemic plants.

A guided visit to the caves will last approximately 30 minutes.

Open from 10h00 to 19h00

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