The Market

Mercardo dos Lavradores

Colour, Sound, Aroma, Tradition...

Located in the heart of old town Funchal, the “Mercado dos Lavradores” (Farmer´s Market) is a place that overflows colour, aroma, sound and tradition.

Inaugurated in 1940, the “Mercado dos Lavradores” was built to provide the island´s inhabitants with a central location to buy and sell local products.


Mercardo dos Lavradores
Fruits all araound!

With a covered area of 9,600m2, this structure´s main entrance is decorated with hand-painted azulejos (tiles) all displaying regional themes. Also at the main entrance you will find women dressed in the Madeira traditional costume selling flowers. Walking into the market you will find yourself on the first floor where fresh exotic fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs, leather and wicker are sold. To experience the combination of these exotic scents is worthwhile visiting the market.

Fresh fish!

Further into the market and walking down steps to the ground floor you will stumble into the area where fresh meat and fish such as “peixe espada preta”, tuna, octopus and lapas (mussels) are sold.



The areas surrounding the market are quite pleasant as well. Stop for a minute to watch locals bustling about, while others sit down at café patios sipping on expressos.

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Thursday from 08h00 to 19h00

Friday from 07h00 to 20h00

Saturday from 07h00 to 14h00

Sunday and Holidays Closed


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