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Madeira Island´s Food & Beverage

Dining in Madeira Island

Madeira Island´s gastronomy is extremely rich with a vast variety of traditional dishes and beverages to try.

Find out all about Madeira wine, Poncha (a regional drink), restaurant tips, recipes to take home, and much more


Madeira kulinarisch

Madeira Cuisine

Discover the rich and tasty traditional Madeira Island cuisine.

From seafood to sweets, wine to poncha, dining in Madeira Island is a pleasure filled experience that will blow your taste buds away!

Poncha - special drink

Regional Beverages

Madeira has several well known beverages but the most popular among that extensive list are:

  • Poncha - A tasty, yet potent beverage made with sugar cane rum, lemon juice and bee honey (other versions of poncho are made with orange, tangerine or passion fruit juices).
  • Ginja – Also known as Ginjinha, is a liqueur made by infusing cherries
  • Nikita – A delicious and refreshing pineapple and vanilla flavoured beverage that can either be served with or without alcohol.
Traditional espada fish on Madeira

Fish & Seafood

Surrounded by the rich sea waters of the Atlantic, fresh fish and seafood are always in abundance in Madeira Island.

Traditional dishes include tuna, limpets, Ballan Wrasse, Peixe-espada (Trichiurus lepturus) and more…

meat on a lorrel stick

Meat dishes

Madeira also has traditional meat dishes that are very delicious, very mouth-watering…

Dishes such as Espetada (chunks of beef smeared in garlic and salt pierced through a bay leaf stick) and grilled chicken are just some examples of tasty dishes that you will find.

nice cakes

Sweet Treats

Satisfy your sweet tooth by tasting the regional Bolo de Mel (honey cake) made with sugar cane honey. More sweet treats & recipes

Madeira Wine Company

Madeira Wine

Madeira Island is famous for her fine wines - The Madeira wine.


The four most famous Madeira Wines are:

  • Sercial
  • Verdelho
  • Bual
  • Malmsey
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