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Calheta is a municipality of eight parishes that is located in the southwestern part of Madeira Island. Considered to be one of the warmest municipalities on the island, swimming in Calheta is even possible in the winter months as sea water temperatures range from 16ºc to 22ºc. Nearby is Paúl da Serra, a nature reserve - which was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Paúl da Serra is breathtaking and ideal for those who enjoy hiking.

In the modern part of Calheta exists a newly built marina, several restaurants, and a man-made golden sandy beach. Nearby is an old sugar cane mill that continues to operate, just like it did many years ago…More

Jardim do Mar

A garden by the sea, surrounded by various flowers, this charming town is adored by locals and visitors...Jardim do Mar

Paúl do Mar

A typical old fishing village with a small marina, surrounded by a rocky beach… More

Ponta do Pargo

Ponta do Pargo, a village that lies on a plateau at approximately 450 feet high. The red and white Lighthouse sits atop the west of Madeira and is the signature image of this town…Ponta do Pargo

Arco da Calheta and Estreito da Calheta

Arco da Calheta and Estreito da Calheta and are two parishes, which are located in higher areas of the municipality of Calheta…Arco & Estreito da Calheta

Fajã da Ovelha

Take a beautiful scenic ride down the road that takes you from the village of Fajã da Ovelha to the adorable fishing village of Paúl do Mar...Fajã da Ovelha


The beautiful village of Prazeres, meaning Pleasures in english, definitely does justice to its name. Located and Paul do Mar makes it a good starting point for a wonderful scenic hike...Prazeres

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