Fajã da Ovelha

Your senses will tell you that you have arrived at an exceptional place. Feel as if time has come to a hault in Fajã da Ovelha.

A small village with very few inhabitants, Fajã da Ovelha is always ready and eager to receive visitors. It is located at approximately 350m above sea level, between Paúl do Mar and Ponta do Pargo. This enchanting village is an ideal vacation spot for those seeking to relax and be in contact with mother nature.


In search of better living conditions, many inhabitants of Fajã da Ovelha immigrated to South Africa and Venezuela.

The church of St. John the Baptist is simply stunning, and is the stage for a huge festival which takes place every year on June 24th in honor of their patron saint, St. John the Baptist.


On the roadside, you will often find a lady who prepares the traditional “Bolo do Caco”, a type of stone stove bread, a delicacy certainly not to be missed.

From Fajã da Ovelha exists a road that connects Fajã da Ovelha to Paúl do Mar. On the way, you will find a viewpoint/belvedere and a restaurant with an impressive view of Paúl do Mar.

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