Ponta do Pargo

Located in the most western point of the island is Ponta do Pargo, a village characterized by its large flat surface and pleasant green landscape.

The name Ponta do Pargo was given to this village when discoverers captured a Pargo fish, a species that is abundant in this coastal area.


This enchanting village captivates visitors with its intoxicating natural beauty, calming silence and with the most romantic sunset ever!


Ponta do Pargo is most characterized by its lighthouse, built on a steep hillside at approximately 375 meters above sea level and located at about 1.5km from the village centre.


In proximity to the  lighthouse and following the signs that say “miradouro” (viewpoint) you will find  the bar/restaurant “Teahouse”. “Teahouse” is a small and comfortable place surrounded by a garden with some benches built in rustic wood and a spectacular view over the sea.

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