Prazeres, a small quiet parish of tremendous beauty and tranquility, does justice to its name which translated into English means “Pleasures”.

Nothing says beauty and tranquility like Prazeres. A wonderful place that does justice to its name, which, translated into English means “Pleasures”.

Within this small charming village, beside the Our Lady of Neves Church, is a small farm with a variety of animals such as pigs, goats, turkeys, chickens, llamas and donkeys. On the weekends, locals welcome families from all over the island who pass by the farm to socialize and as a distraction from everyday life.

Every year small village parties are held, each with a different theme such as the wheat festival, the cider festival, the festival of the rooster (which emphasis on auctioning the most beautiful rooster in the parish). The main purpose of these events is to raise funds for both the church and animal farm.

Prazeres has three main rivulets:

  • Ribeiro Inês
  • Ribeiro do Batel
  • Ribeiro da Lombada


The Rabaçal levada crosses the entire parish providing water for agricultural purposes.

Prazeres is a great starting point for an amazing hike.


Beside the church there is a mill that produces a delicious drink that derives from apple juice, known to many as cider. At the local tea house you may find some of this cider for sale.

Market day are on Sundays, where everyone gathers at the farmer´s market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the Calheta district.

At the Hotel Jardim do Atântico exists a steep path with a view to breathtaking landscapes and which will also lead you to the typical fishing village of Paúl do Mar.

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