Machico and its five villages


Machico, the oldest municipality located east of Madeira Island, is assumed to be named after a love story. In this love story, two lovers by the name of Robert Machim and Anna Dorset, in pursuit of a life of happiness together, fled England and took refuge on the east side of the island. Machico derives from Robert Machim´s surname.

The village of Machico is also home to a brand new marina and an artificial golden sand beach.


Caniçal is an ancient fishing village home to the Whale museum, created in remembrance and as a tribute to old days of whale hunting. Presently it is a considerable port area where a large space with new factories was created and is known as the Industrial Zone of Madeira.

Porto da Cruz

Porto da Cruz is a small seaside village. Here you may visit its sugar cane factory which only operates during harvest season. As for beaches, there is a black sand beach which is often frequented by locals.


Água de Pena

Água de Pena is believed to be one of the oldest parishes in Madeira Island, founded in 1560 and whose name derives from “water that flows from the rock”

Quinta do Santo da Serra

St. Antonio da Serra

This small, charming parish surrounded by eucalyptus and pine trees located in the interior of the southern coast of Madeira Island, in the district of Machico.

Villas and country houses with lush gardens are just some of the attractive features of this village.

At the Quinta do Santo da Serra exists a beautiful park with a fantastic view of the Machico valley and the eastern tipo Ponta de São Lourenço.

Santo Antonio da Serra is home to the Santo da Serra Golf Course, known for holding many international competitions.

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