Ponta do Sol


Ponta do Sol where sunshine resides…

Ponta do Sol

Ponta do sol, a charming village located in the southwest part of Madeira Island was founded in 1440.

As the name implies, "Sunny Point", it is the “Land of the Sun” as it´s privileged location allows for excellent sun exposure to the sea throughout the year. Previously, sugar cane was the main crop of the county, but today, banana plantations is the main agricultural activity in Ponta do Sol.


This small village, located in the northern part of Ponta do Sol, offers a great view of the sea. Stations of the Cross along the regional road lead up to a monument of Santa Teresinha. The Levada Nova runs through Canhas. Paúl da Serra is reached quickly from here.

Madalena do Mar

This enchanting village is situated on the seafront and is surrounded by steep cliffs. It is an excellent location for strolls on the new promenade alongside the pebble beach where one can also sit and quietly enjoy the romantic sunset.

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