Porto Moniz

A Northwestern Paradise...

Porto Moniz

Stretching out into the sea, Porto Moniz is a municipality, located northwest of Madeira Island that is constantly greeted by a refreshing breeze, blown in from the Atlantic Ocean.

Porto Moniz is famous for its beautiful natural swimming pools. Rocks sustain the violent currents of the Atlantic, thus enabling, safe swimming in these pools. These pools are unique in Madeira!

Ribeira da Janela

Pure nature ...
Ribeira da Janela is a place that is truly blessed by nature, from which you can do amazing hikes. The Ribeira da Janela Levada is one of the most beautiful levada courses on the island. The name Ribeira da Janela derives from a stream and a rock located at sea which resembles a window.

The Levada course has a small area with chairs, stone ovens and tables, a perfect setting for a picnic or for those who wish just to relax. The view to the ocean here is fabulous!


A small fishing village located in the romantic north coast. Sercial wine is grown and produced in this region since 1553.

Achadas da Cruz

In northwest Madeira Island, where the wind blows stronger, lays the small village of Achadas da Cruz. A viewpoint exists with a café, where the panoramic view is fantastic. Beside the café, a cable car was built to take people down to the sea shore. If you are not a fan of heights, you may take a steep narrow path down. Whatever your choice is, it is definitely worth the visit. it pays to know this place!

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