Ribeira Brava

From the sea to tall mountains...

The municipality of Ribeira Brava was founded in 1440. Previously, Ribeira Brava was one of the municipalities in Madeira Island with the greatest economic development, thanks to the cultivation of sugar cane. Currently, production is focused on banana plantations and of other fruits. Ribeira Brava is the meeting point of several roads, coming from the north, east and west of the island.

Ribeira Brava

Ribeira Brava invites you to visit the Church of St.Benedict (Igreija de São Bento); a temple with an attractive architecture decorated with blue and white tiles of the sixteenth century which are also visible at the pinnacle. Behind the church and surrounded by beautiful gardens is the Town Hall.

Around the same area, you will find several ready-to-wear shops, shoe shops, cafes, restaurants and a small market with various agricultural products. Ribeira Brava has a great pebble beach where you can pause to catch some sun or take a refreshing swim.


Campanário, a small, ancient village situated between Cape Girão and Ribeira Brava was founded in 1556. The name Campanário arose in the fifteenth century, due to an islet in the sea at a distance, in view of the discoverers, they thought it resembled the form of a bell, more precisely a bell tower.
From the church you can enjoy a great view of the surrounding landscape with huge houses built on slopes, as well as the elegant architecture of the express way that runs through the village.

Serra de Água

Serra de Água is a village which was founded in 1676. Located slightly above the village of Ribeira Brava and near Encumeada this majestic village is surrounded by an extraordinary landscape of green mountains and streams. It is a true portrait of Mother Nature in her purest form ...
The population lives mainly from agriculture, but it is slowly gaining the preference of many tourists. It is a very well positioned,which allows for beautiful hikes.


Tabua is a small somewhat isolated village situated on the sunny south coast of Madeira. The nearest major town is Ribeira Brava. Here the roads cross from north, east and west. Due to its convenient location. any destination on the other side of the island is within easy reach. For hikers Tabua is a good holiday location as it is home to the Levada Nova.

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