Santa Cruz

Pleasant strolls, fantastic views...

Santa Cruz

The municipality of Santa Cruz is the second oldest city of Madeira and is located by the ocean in the southeastern part of the island. Take a pleasant stroll through the old town and encounter small shops, cafés and restaurants.

Recently, along the beach, a modern beach complex was constructed which is ideal for a joyful yet unforgettable evening with the family. You can easily find restaurants overlooking the sea and on good days you may get a glimpse of the Desert Islands.


Caniço is the second most important centre of tourism, right next to Funchal. Many foreigners, especially Germans, have their holiday homes here, and some choose to settle in Caniço. Most hotels are mainly located in Canico de Baixo. Reis Magos is an stunning place, with an excellent beach (Blue Flag), restaurant, bar and ample space for sports.



The village of Camacha is located at about 700 feet above the Caniço and is surrounded by green fields, lots of flowers and fruit plantations. It is well known for being the centre of Madeira´s Wicker and Folk Tradition. In the  "The Clock" café you may appreciate and buy all sorts of wicker furniture made ​​by hand.

Levada dos Tornos


Gaula is located 400m above sea level, in the rural area between Funchal and the Santa Cruz airport. This village is a great starting point for unforgettable hikes. The Levada dos Tornos runs through Gaula.



St.António da Serra

The parish lies just north of Santa Cruz at an altitude of 700 meters. Even though the village´s full name is Santo Antonio da Serra, it is best known as Santo da Serra. Santo da Serra is home to the famous Santo da Serra Golf course. Owner of a beautiful scenery is great to look at while hiking.

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