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Located in northeastern Madeira Island with approximately 8,800 inhabitants is the municipality of Santana. The name Santana derived from a small chapel in the sixteenth century, the Chapel of Santa Ana.

The “Casas de Santana” or “Casinhas de Santana” are typical thatched houses found only in Santana and are frequently visited by tourists. These small adorable colored houses, whose roof are made of straw can be found in Santana´s town centre, near the City Hall.

Santana is the home of Madeira´s most treasured and world renowned form of arts and crafts, the “bordado da Madeira” (embroidery). This precious form of arts and crafts is on display in various shops in the Santana and available for sale. Another major attraction is the Santana Theme Park. Find out more about Santana´s history, traditions, arts and culture...

Madeira Embroidery
Pico Ruivo


This little village is situated 150 meters above sea level.The magnificent view of the almighty Penha d´Águia (Eagle Rock) guarantees to fascinate you. Take beautiful hike through Faial and encounter enchanting areas such as Guindaste, Covas, Lombo de Cima e Lombo de Baixo, Longueira, Fajã or Limoeiro.


This small countryside village is surrounded by a beautiful green landscape and lies below the highest mountain in Madeira Island, Pico Ruivo.  Ilha is a hiker´s paradise, surrounding you with the peace, beauty and solitude that nature has to offer.

São Roque do Faial

São Roque do Faial is a small village with about 1000 inhabitants, located at about 11km from the town of Santana that extends almost to the Pico do Arieiro . This village´s population lives mainly off agriculture.

São Jorge e Arco de Sao Jorge

São Jorge is a charming little village in Santana with the most beautiful church on the north coast of Madeira. The exterior of this church is quite simple but, the interior tells a different story as it is ornately decorated. Close by is the stunning Quinta de São Jorge and a beautiful hiking trail that leads up to the coastal tip of Ponta de São Jorge.

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