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Porto Santo

Traumhafter Sandstrand

A Seaside Paradise...

Nothing says tranquility and relaxation like 9km of soft golden sand greeted by the fresh blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Porto Santo, a golden island located at just a few miles from Madeira Island is easily reached by ferry and is an ideal place for those who are looking for repose.

Visit Porto Santo for a day or on a full vacation stay ...

The soft golden sand, which is famous for its healing properties, and the turquoise blue waters certainly make Porto Santo seem like heaven on earth, discover the many walking paths and activities that this beautiful island has to offer.
Hotels in Porto Santo

Porto Santo Line

How can you get to the island?

Why not go by ferry? The “Lobo Marinho” departs from Funchal´s port and will take you on a pleasant scenic ride to Porto Santo.

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Vila Baleira

Beautiful things come in small packages!
Vila Baleira is Porto Santo´s main meeting place for locals. In town you will encounter a small market, restaurants and cafés.

Island Tour

Fantastic view!
A convertible bus will take you on a ride to the most beautiful places in Porto Santo.

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Owner of a terrific landscape, Porto Santo is surely a hiker´s dream come true.

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