Vicentes Photography Museum
Vicentes Photography Museum

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Museu da Quinta das Cruzes - Quinta das Cruzes Museum - Quinta das Cruzes is comprised by an old manor house, garden and chapel. In its garden you will encounter a vast collection of endemic and exotic plant species such as orchids, camphor trees, Australian eucalyptus and palm trees.


Casa Museu Frederico de Freitas – Frederico de Freitas Museum – Former residence of Frederico de Freitas, the Earl of Calçada, whose collections of furniture, sculpture, painting, ceramics and prints are on display.


Museu Municipal – The Museum of Natural History -The Museu Municipal (Museum of Natural History) - one of the oldest museums on the island located at the Palace of Saint Pedro.


Museu Fotografia "Vicente" - "Vicente" Photography Museum - Back in 1848, The Vicente Gomes da Silva Photography Studio was the first of its kind to open in Madeira Island.


Museu de Arte Sacra – The Museum of Sacred Art - The Museum of Sacred Art is located at the former Bishop's Palace and was founded in 1955.


Museu do Vinho – The Wine Museum - The Instituto do Vinho (Wine Institute) in Madeira is home to the Wine Museum, The Museu Do Vinho.


Museu Henrique e Francisco Franco-Museum of Henrique & Francisco Franco - In the two rooms behind the temple-like entrance is small selection of landscape paintings and sculptures. The museum is devoted to two artist brothers, who are from Madeira.


Núcleo Museológico I.B.T.A.M – The Instituite of embroidery, tapestry and handicrafts of Madeira Museum Centre - Precious embroideries, tapestries and handicrafts from Madeira Island are on display for visitors to see.


The Madeira Story Centre - Explore Madeira through History… Forget the old, dusty, “do not touch” museums, Madeira Story Centre sparks interest in all its visitors.


Museu de Arte Contemporania – The Museum of Contemporary Art – Located in the Forte de São Tiago (Fortress) this museum of contemporary arte displays a rich and extensive collection of contemporary art.  These works of art date back to the 1960´s until today. The museum first opened its doors in 1992.


Núcleo Museológico da Cidade do Açúcar- City of Sugar Museum - The former residence of Flemish sugar baron João Esmeraldo is now Funchal´s “City of Sugar Museum”.


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