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Self-Guided Funchal Shopping Tour


Dolce Vita Shopping Centre - The "Dolce Vita" is the newest shopping mall and is located in the city centre. Opened in October 2007 this shopping centre has over 50 stores, a supermarket, restaurants and clothing stores.


Marina Shopping Centre - Marina Shopping, a shopping mall located by the Santa Catarina Park that has souvenir shops, a supermarket, clothing shops and restaurants


Galerias de São Lourenço - Galerias de São Lourenço, a small shopping vicinity just west of Marina Shopping right by the Teatro Municipal and Jardim Municipal that offers a variety of trendy shops.


Galerias de São Francisco - In the heart of downtown Funchal, facing the Municipal Garden is the Arcadas de São Francisco. This small shopping mall has a variety of small shops, cafés and an access to the Blandy cellar.


Blandy´s Wine Lodge - A place certainly not to miss! An old winery located in the heart of Funchal a few seconds away from the Galerias de São Francisco that offers wine tours, wine degustation and a wine shop where you may purchase the original Madeira Wine.


Rua do Aljube - Rua do Aljube is a street located right by the Sé Cathedral with a number of trendy shops.


Bazar do Povo - Bazar do Povo is one of Funchal´s oldest shops with an excellent reputation among locals and tourists.


Rua Fernão de Ornelas - Rua Fernão de Ornelas is one of the first shopping streets of Funchal with a variety of shops and much to choose from.


Anadia Shopping - Anadia Shopping centre is a small shopping centre with clothing shops, a food court and supermarket.


Mercado dos Lavradores - Mercado dos Lavradores is an open farmer´s market in Funchal that is frequented by locals and tourists. Further information on the Mercado dos Lavradores.

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