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Since the nineteenth century until the Second World War, Monte has always been a prime location thanks to its favourable climate. It has several “quintas”, surrounded by tropical gardens, which formerly operated as hotels. A train circulated from Funchal to Monte (Terreiro da Luta being the last stop) between 1893 and 1930. In Largo da Fonte you can still see the proof left by this once popular method of transportation.

Blick auf Funchal

The suburb of Monte is situated about five hundred meters above Funchal. One of the many option in reaching Monte is to go up by cable car. Upon arrival at Monte, nearby is the famous Monte Palace Tropical Garden with beautiful flowers and a touch of oriental culture. Another attraction is undoubtedly the Monte Toboggan run, where you can get whisked away to the city in a large wicker car on two skis, accompanied by two "carreiros" (typical men in white uniforms and straw hats).

Wallfahrtskirche in Monte

The Church of Nossa Senhora do Monte

To reach the Church of Nossa Senhora do Monte, one must climb an impressionable 68 steps that are known for being inclined. But it's worth the effort. The Church of Nossa Senhora do Monte was built in 1741, but soon after was destroyed by a violent earthquake. From this catastrophe, locals only managed to save a Pieta in silver, which today is kept as a relic. The fully reconstructed church was inaugurated on December 20th 1818.Next to the chapel is a grave containing the remains of Emperor Charles I of Austria, who took refuge on the island after World War 1. He arrived in Funchal on February 19, 1921 and died a year later due to pneumonia.

Madeira´s Patron Saint

Every year on August 15 the Assumption of Mary is celebrated, where a procession is held through the streets in honor of Our Lady of Monte.

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