Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise

Parks and Gardens in Bloom

Madeira, a Garden Paradise...

The Strelitzia reginae Ait, known to many as the Bird of Paradise is Madeira´s signature flower.

This particular flower often travels to many European countries as gifts for family and friends. The mild Gulf Stream and the moist Atlantic air  make Madeira the floating garden you see today.

Madeira is a true flower paradise, with a diversity of plants and flowers that paint the island in vibrant colours and scents throughout the year.


Santa Catarina Park
Santa Catarina Park

In recent years many gardens and parks have been either renovated or created in Funchal and have been cared for with love and a lot of effort. Not only do these spaces serve to maintain the many different plant and tree spaces, but are also unique recreation areas.

Madeira Island won the 2000 gold medal at the European competition “Floral Towns and Villages”…

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