The Municipal Garden

In the heart of downtown Funchal...

The Municipal Garden, also known as the Dona Amélia Garden (named after the late Queen),is located right in the heart of downtown Funchal.  Previously a Franciscan Convent, this 8300m2 garden is enchanting with its alluring flowers, native ancient trees and other exotic species of plants and flowers both endemic and from all around the world. All plants and trees are labeled with their species and origins.

Aside from all the beautiful plants and flowers, the “Jardim Municipal” has an outdoor amphitheatre where many concerts take place, exhibitions and fairs. During the holiday season, it is brightly lit and colourfully decorated.

At the garden there are many leisure areas such as a small pond where ducks, swans and other birds come for a swim and a small charming café.

Admission to the garden is free.


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