Santa Catarina Park

The City Park...

Of all the parks in Funchal, Parque de Santa Catarina is the most crowd-pleasing, with many things to see and do. This park is 36,000m2 and is an exquisite place with large green areas, many trees and a vast variety of flora and fauna. Parque Santa Catarina is an excellent place to kick back, relax or be active as it has a playground, a snack bar and a small lake with an island where you may find swans and other bird species.

  • The Chapel...

    The park is home to the famous Santa Catarina Chapel that was originally built solely out of wood but later on was rebuilt in stone. The wife of one of the island´s discoverers (João Gonçalves Zarco), Lady Constance, ordered the construction of this chapel back in 1425.

    Santa Catarina Park Facts:

    • 36,000m2 of Green space
    • Wide variety of flora and fauna
    • Panoramic Views
    • Small Lake with Island
    • Playground
    • Snack Bar
    • Several hiking trails
    • Prince Henry Statue
    • Christopher Colombus Statue
    • Gago Coutinho Statue
    • Sacadura Statue
    • Santa Catarina Chapel
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