Bica da Cana to Pináculo


Not only does Brazil have a sugar loaf, Madeira Island has one as well, a miniature version that is! From the Pináculo with its 1515 meters you will encounter a breathtaking view of the Lombo do Mouro.

Brief and useful information

Getting there: By car to Bica da Cana (ER 110) between the Encumeada pass and the Paul da Serra Plateau

Time: approximately 1.30 hours

Height difference: 150 m in the descent and ascent

Difficulty: Medium

Bica da Cana
Bica da Cana

A short walk from Bica da Cana to Pináculo

A small access road will lead you directly to the Casa de Abrigo (mountain shelter). A path to the left leads you down past a fence. After approximately 5 minutes you will encounter a left a path leads down past a fence. After about 5 minutes you will encounter a transversal fence that you will need to climb over with a stepladder. Continue left through a heath bush tunnel, follow the path of ferns that leads slightly downhill. After about 10 minutes take the PR 17 footpath and follow it right. The path leads past a steep slope. After small waterfall, you are almost immediately accompanying the Levada da Serra. A few steps will then lead right into a small rock basin. After a few minutes straight ahead you will pass a diverted trail that heads right. Now the exciting part of the hike begins. The path leads you between a semi-circular basalt wall and slope that then leads to a great waterfall which plunges into the Levada. The Pináculo is not that far away. Turn back about 15 minutes until the diverted trail mentioned previously, turn left and head upwards. Once you arrive at the bifurcation, turn right and uphill to the two prominent trees on the Bica da Cana summit. From the viewing platform you will have the pleasure of viewing the highest peaks of Madeira and the Lombo do Mouro. A dirt road is an excellent short cut that will lead you down to the Casa de Abrigo.

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