Prazeres to Calheta

Through eucalyptuses this levada runs in the southwest of Madeira Island and is approximately 50km long. From the small picturesque village of Prazeres, follow the levada along the ridges and valleys all the way to the Calheta hydroelectric power plant.


Brief and useful information

Getting there: By car from Funchal  to Prazeres. Turn right into the village. Then follow the Levada sign to the left.

Walking time: 4 hours

Refreshments: at the end of the hike in Lombo do Salão (snack bar)

Height difference: 300 m down slope

Difficulty: easy

Levada Nova
Levada Nova

Prazeres to Calheta Levada

From the crossroads in Prazeres go towards Paul da Serra / Fonte do Bispo. After about 200 meters the road crosses the Levada Nova. Go right, against the flow direction along a concrete path.  As you pass eucalyptus trees, agapanthus, hydrangeas, you soon reach the Atalhinho water  house. In a matter of minutes you will catch a glimpse of a wonderful view over the village all the way down to the sea. The Levada stretches far into the valley of the Ribeira da Achada. After crossing the Raposo River you will reach a water tank. Keep following the levada and you will run into yet another tank. Soon you reach a road that will take you down to Lombo do Salão and the ER 222 road in Calheta. A bus stop is located right on the road.

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