Ribeira da Janela
Ribeira da Janela

Lamaceiros and the Ribeira da Janela valley

In Madeira Island just above the village of Porto Moniz in the northwest is Ribeira da Janela, a village named after its river which is the longest river on the island. Hydrangeas, agapanthus, ferns, banana plants and passion fruit decorate the way. Many picnic areas exist in the area with great views of the countryside.

Brief and useful information

Getting there: From the ER 101 in direction to Porto Moniz follow approximately 3 miles to the signpost Ribeira da Janela / Lamaceiros and turn left.

Walking time: 4 hours

Refreshments: (bring food) no

Height average: 416m

Difficulty: easy, flat

Ribeira da Janela - Waterfall
Ribeira da Janela - Waterfall

Ribeira da Janela Levada

The best suggestion in regards to the starting point of this levada is to head towards Lamaceiros and begin from there walking against the water flow of the levada. You will reach a parking lot in Lamaceiros where you will see a big warning sign that indicated where the levada starts. At this parking lot you will encounter many modern grill houses where many Madeiran families gather and spend their day by the grill. The levada has a wide walking path and after a few minutes into the levada you will reach the first picnic area and following that a levada station. From this area you will have your first great view of the Ribeira da Janela valley. The path gets narrower as the levada runs deeper and deeper into the valley after 90 minutes past the first straight tunnel. To cross this tunnel you require approximately 10 min. Following this, you will reach a spectacular waterfall where a corrugated metal roof protects you from the showers from above. Immediately after the second tunnel the path starts to curve. The path becomes slightly narrower and curvier until you reach the levada-keeper´s house. This house is only inhabited when the levada requires repair or work done to it. On the return, take the same path back to Lamaceiros.

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