Risco Waterfall
Risco Waterfall

The Risco waterfall at the Rabaçal trail

This short walk to the Risco waterfall is more of a leisurely stroll. Water falls from a smooth wall at a height of 100m providing a breathtaking scenery.

Brief and useful information

Getting there: By car from Funchal to Encumeada through to Paul da Serra to the parking lot that leads to the Rabaçal trails(1278 m)

Walking time: 2 hours

Refreshments: (bring food) no

Height difference: 320 m in the descent and ascent

Difficulty: easy, includes high , steep areas.


Risco Waterfall
Risco Waterfall

Risco waterfall hiking trail

Start the hike from the Rabaçal shelter house descending some steps until reaching the Levada do Risco. Follow the PR6.1 Risco sign. Do not follow the path to your left as you will head down to the 25 natural springs levada. You will walk along a wide, expansive path under gorgeous green trees. After approximately 50 minutes you will reach a cleared area where you will encounter the Risco waterfall shooting down a high smooth cliff. Do not go on the half-ruined levada path that will get you closer to the falls. It is constantly moist by the dripping water and covered with moss, thus creating a substantial risk of slipping. On the return follow the same path you took down.

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