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Madeira´s Restaurants

Carne vinho e alho
Carne vinho e alho

Madeira´s Regional Specialties!

Restaurant guide and tips from the Madeira A-Z Team!

Shopping in Madeira

Madeira Shopping Centre
Madeira Shopping

Nothing quite like...

... Shopping in Madeira Island!

Shopping Malls, downtown shopping and more


Largo das Fontes/Funchal
Largo das Fontes

Funchal by Night!

Feel like going out and having a great time? 

Madeira´s Nightlife...

Festivals & Holidays

Carnival in Funchal
Carnival in Funchal

When, where, what?

In Madeira Island there are many festivals and celebrations all year round that invite you to join in and have fun!

Madeira´s Festivals and Holidays...

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